What to Expect from Social Media

Social MediaLet’s get to the heart of what your clients really want to know: Does Social Media Marketing work? The short answer: Heck yeah it does!

There is no reason for any company to participate in Social Media Marketing if it doesn’t produce results. When you become a Social Media Marketing Client with VisaliaSEO, you’ll be  assured that you will see real, tangible results from the social media marketing services you’re offering. They are likely to experience some results right away, and other results will take more time.

Results often seen immediately
Soon after we begin providing Social Media Marketing services for your client’s company, you should see an increase in the number of followers, friends, and connections they have on their various Social Media profiles. How dramatic this increase is will depend on several factors, including the size of their current Social Media following and how involved they are with Social Media before we begin. You will likely also see an increase in re-posts of their content and interaction with followers as we begin to engage with their community on their behalf.

Results you should see over time
As interaction with your client’s target market increases and relationships are built and strengthened, their content will be shared more and more – within individual networks and across networks. This activity can increase their site traffic, improve their search engine rankings, and ultimately result in higher sales. (Think they might love you for that? We think so!)Remember: Social Media is about building relationships with a company’s target market, and relationships take time and consistent effort. A company might not experience huge results out of the gate, but most will see a strong return on investment over time.

There will never come a day when you’ll go to your client and say, “Ok, we’re all done with your Social Media Marketing. It’s been fun. See ya!” Like any good marketing strategy, Social Media Marketing is a continuous process that’s always evolving. We’ll set goals for your client’s Social Media activities, and we’ll review and update those goals at regular intervals and as their needs dictate. As they begin to realize results, goals will be adjusted so that our Social Media efforts are never stagnant – the kiss of death for Social Media Marketing. We are proud to consider all of our client and Social Media Reseller relationships long-term “partnerships” and look forward to working together with you in mutual prosperity.*

*(We think that last line might have been a little too salesy, but our biz dev manager loved it, so…)