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Search Engine Friendly

Search Engine Friendly
Google Loves These Sites
Our sites are built to the latest standards for code and search engine standards.

Responsive Design

Responsive Design
Optimized For Mobile
Are sites are built on a responsive framework so they look great on all devices using the same URL.

HTML 5 Standards

HTML 5 Standards
The Current HTML Standard
HTML5 is cross-platform looks great on desktops, tablets or a smartphone

Google+ Local optimization is one of the most important places a business should focus on. Google owns 67% of all search and when someone is searching for a local business Google+ Local pages are what show up on top. You could have the #1 organic listing and that puts you in the 8th spot, below the Google+ Local listings. Optimizing your page properly with the right keywords is the key to your success and acquiring new customers.
Online Branding To Increase Awareness, Repeat Visits & New Customers. Nearly 98% of all people visiting a website will leave the site without taking any kind of action like calling or filling out a form. Our Online Branding targets these visitors by displaying banner ads of your practice across other website they visit. Re-marketing to these lost visitors can increase your traffic by 300-400% over time generating new customers for your practice. This type of advertising is 79% cheaper than traditional cost per click ads.

Branding Your Business Consistently Across Social Media, Branded Google+ Local Page, Branded Facebook timeline cover & profile pictures, Branded YouTube channel, Branded Twitter background and featured image. Integrate Google+, Facebook, Twitter & YouTube icons on website to link social media profiles

Why Choose Us

  • Fully responsive so your content will always look good on any screen size
  • Awesome sliders give you the opportunity to showcase your important content
  • Unlimited color options with a backed color picker, including the gradients
  • Multiple layout options for the home pages, portfolio section and blog section
  • We offer free support because we care about your site just as much as you do.
Visalia Website Design & SEO company provides you with affordable website design and E commerce web development services in a professional manner backed up with the best web designers, web developers with the best professional SEO experts. Every aspect of your website design and web development – design, content creation and streamlining, programming to complete development, web site hosting is done in a professional manner along with affordable web site design rates. Visalia Website Design & SEO also caters to your online brand building process by providing wide range of search engine optimization & Internet marketing services.

A professional website design and web development company does not limit its service in building up your website but also extends its services to proper strategic search engine marketing of your web presence to the potential online clientele. At Visalia Website Design & SEO we not only take pride in our low cost web site design and web development skills but also in completion of your job within the stipulated time. We provide you amazing services at very affordable prices.

Please feel free to contact us today with any question on your web site design and development or to request a free proposal for your company’s website design. - Affordable PPC Advertising - Quality Traffic and Low Bid Prices Equal a Better ROI